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Best strings I've tried

I'm very impressed by these strings. I don't think I'll buy anything else going forward as they're so good, and so balanced.
Great service from Studio1 Vintage too--thanks team

Awesome pic

Love it . Makes my D-28 sing

Martin kovar guitar strings

I tried these strings for the first time. Very impressed. Excellent tone and volume. No milky feel like strings from other main brand. I recommend them.

Drill peg winder

All good does the job pleased with it

Really happy with is capo. It is sturdy and locks down easily and really firmly with just one hand. Also easily removed with just one hand. I recommend, I think it's worth the money.

Martin accessories

We all know Studio 1 has just THE best selection of vintage Martin and Gibson guitars outside of the US, but always has the most extensive stick of accessories including the latest strings. Theyre a deep domain supplier of all things I need and also things uber cool! Check out their merch…..Steve

1942 Gibson J-45
David Inglefield
1943 Gibson Southern jumbo

Everyone at Studio 1 is so amazing, they are so understanding and helpful. They helped me find the perfect guitar for me. I wish more dealers in the US were as outstanding as this crew is. And it’s pretty obvious their website is one of the best in the business. Just because you are not in NZ, do not hesitate, they know what they are doing!

I loveit.

Martin Tortoise Shell Pick

Excellent pick! Plays and sounds great.

000-16 StreetMaster

Fantastic sounding guitar, very open, and loud, thanks to the VTS. Super nice neck and the StreetMaster distressed look is not over done. Excellent service from the team at Studio 1 as always!

Charmed Life / Thin High-Performance Casein Guitar Pick - Teardrop (Blue)
Logan O
Simply the best picks

Some people might think it’s mad to spend big dollars on a pick, but honestly, just treat yourself. You’ll never go back to the $1 jobs.

John Pearse light strings

Great strings. Guitar sounds to have more volume.

Edwina Stereo Pair
Visko Bryers
Absolutely phenomenal mics!

Bought these recently and they have had a tonne of use. Super flat with crystal clear clarity. Ive mic’d guitar cabs, used as drum overheads, stereo acoustic guitar and of course vocals and they are all round great mics. In studio people are very intrigued and ask about them a lot. Live they sound great also, feedback rejection is surprisingly good and have proved sound guys wrong being large diaphragm condensers. Would highly recommend.

Martin strings

The easiest way for me to get my guitar strings these days...
The lads at Studio 1 pop them into the post and I receive them a couple of days later. Too easy :)

New favourite hat

Super great quality, looks really good and comfortable to wear

Bourgeois Size 0 Country Boy
Dana, I’ve been waiting for this guitar for many years, Thank You!!!

Well Garrick you’ve delivered once again mate. This “0” size “Country Boy” by Dana Bourgeois is just incredible. Very elegant in design,nothing superfluous just master grade materials and a deep appreciation of all possibilities resulting in a strong, clean and uncluttered sound from a very user friendly instrument. Tight but loose at the same time, wonderful.
Thanks Garrick and Co.
Thanks Studio 1 Vintage Guitar’s.
Paul, Sydney.

Another great product 👌

Great product

Martin 000-16 Streetmaster Acoustic Guitar : Brand New
Alan Thompson
Streetmaster 000-16

Was after something different to my gibson sj.Garrick suggested a martin 000-16 streetmaster and I wasn't disappointed great punchy articulate guitar very responsive to your attack can't put it down covers so many styles plus these guys are so good to deal with they make everything easy


Tried the stringjoy medium brights on my southern jumbo really impressed great clarity and warmth they also seem easier than most mediums to bend

Excellent Feel and Tone

I don’t know what it is about this thing, but it’s the best sounding pick I’ve played with. Not too harsh, not too dull, little to no chirp, perfectly bevelled, and feels great in the hand. Very easy to use with a relaxed grip


Awesome product and quick, efficient delivery thank you studio 1

Guild F-50
Dave Ritchie Smith
Guild D50

Communication was great, delivery was super quick and packed so well. The guitar is everything I thought it would be. I have a 74 D50R which is quite a chunky neck, still lovely to play though, this one has a slimmer neck which suits my hands much better. Love the feel, sound and the look of this guitar. I would buy from these guys again if anything came up that tickled my fancy. I'm a very keen Guild collector, so I'm super happy I have this one now.