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Streetmaster 000-16

Was after something different to my gibson sj.Garrick suggested a martin 000-16 streetmaster and I wasn't disappointed great punchy articulate guitar very responsive to your attack can't put it down covers so many styles plus these guys are so good to deal with they make everything easy


Tried the stringjoy medium brights on my southern jumbo really impressed great clarity and warmth they also seem easier than most mediums to bend

Excellent Feel and Tone

I don’t know what it is about this thing, but it’s the best sounding pick I’ve played with. Not too harsh, not too dull, little to no chirp, perfectly bevelled, and feels great in the hand. Very easy to use with a relaxed grip


Awesome product and quick, efficient delivery thank you studio 1

Guild F-50
Dave Ritchie Smith
Guild D50

Communication was great, delivery was super quick and packed so well. The guitar is everything I thought it would be. I have a 74 D50R which is quite a chunky neck, still lovely to play though, this one has a slimmer neck which suits my hands much better. Love the feel, sound and the look of this guitar. I would buy from these guys again if anything came up that tickled my fancy. I'm a very keen Guild collector, so I'm super happy I have this one now.


Awesome quality. Shipped quick. Thanks

These strings are great. Nice clean sound with plenty of volume. I really like them and will buy more in the future. I was also impressed with the delivery time. They arrived in Avery timely way. Many thanks guys.

Good sounds.

Hi i have not fitted them yet. Tens are what i use so the elevens will be interesting. Best regards Ron M-R

Rocky mountain guitar slides.

These slides are great,beatiful sound.

Excellent strings...cheers.

Great strings

The string set I received was great. When strung and tuned sounded awesome. Great quality. Fast delivery service too


These strings have tonally changed my guitars. It's also interesting how each guitar now sounds different. My main guitar is even more of a favourite.

Martin 00-42K - Robbie Robertson Signature Model
Martin 0042k rr

Wow probably the best guitar I have ever played. Garrick found this for me after some lengthy conversations and he delivered and some. This is second guitar from these guys and they rock for sure. Always so helpful and quick to answer any questions. Words can’t express how impressive these guys are. Lifetime customer.

Glad I picked this one(get it?)

Was eying up these triangle picks since borrowing one in store when playing.
And by crikey, was it different. From only ever playing teardrop 99c picks from the paperscissors shop, to actually using a decent quality pick that’s not just made out of whatever plastic is laying around at the time.
Big strums? Stays in your fingers and doesn’t move around anywhere near as much.
Flat picking is waaaay easier somehow, and you get such a good tone. I sound exactly like Billy strings now minus the 90 thousand hours of guitar practice and thompson dreadnought.
It’s easy to be skeptical on spending 50x more on a guitar pick but goddamn you get your moneys worth out of it in my opinion.

Pre War Guitar Co HD 1937 D-28 Dreadnought - 2021
Studio 1 Vintage are simply the best….!!!!!

Well you guy’s have done it again, the Pre War HD Brazilian is a dream come true for me.Living in Sydney and dealing with companies overseas can sometimes be difficult but not with you guy’s, not to forget the wonderful Betsie who is just a gem and so helpful.Garrick, Nick and Betsie combine to create a quick, reliable and friendly service. An absolute pleasure to deal with and what amazing instruments you have in stock, a real blessing for guitar enthusiast’s worldwide. I look forward to to my next purchase from you and yes I do have my eye on another guitar already.
Kindest regards,
Paul, Sydney Australia.

Martin 00-28 Modern Deluxe Acoustic Guitar : Brand New
Martin 0028 modern Dulux

Great experience from the moment I walked in the door. Very knowledgeable guys with real enthusiasm! Very difficult not to walk away with one of the quality guitars on display. Easily the best collection of vintage and new guitars in New Zealand.
The 0028 modern Dulux I purchased is pure class. Thank you guys and see you soon

Very balanced and nice feel in the string. Strongly recommended

Pleasant Surprise

Can't say enough about these - the longevity and beautiful clarity is well worth a couple bucks extra over what's available otherwise. Particularly good in a smaller bodied Parlor I've found.

Martin 1937 D-18 Authentic 2007
Jason Owen
2007 1937 authentic D-18

I thoroughly enjoyed my buying experience through Studio 1 vintage. Nick is an amazing guy full of the information that I was looking for to make the proper decision on the right guitar for me. He’s patient, professional, and very talented musician. How I found your company was through YouTube and the great videos and demonstration’s that he does. I’m looking forward to doing future business with you guys all the best. Cheers.!!

Strings and Pick

I have used the pick that I purchased it's awesome. The strings are still awaiting to be put on my guitars. I will let you know how they go. Just trying some different strings.

great strings

lovely,these strings are rather joyous,they sound great on my 2 vintage Schoenberg 000s.they bringout that old timey sound perfectly,but are also greatfor the contemporary guitarist finger style or flat picking.I needed new strings fora recording so i tried them out,excellent

Best strings to date

Absolutely killer strings for the price, perfect for flat picking and finger picking.

Sounds crispy 👌 highly recommend this set of strings, revived my old 2003 Cort Earth50 NS,back to life 😀

160SL 80/20 John Pearce strings.

These are exactly what I've been searching for. Wonderful gauges that give my guitar the perfect tonal balance across all strings. I particularly like the .40 and .50 bass strings that don't boom out too loud as many .42 and .52 strings do.I have completed my search, at last.

Martin 000-42 2007 Acoustic Guitar
Martin 00042 2007

Garrick was amazing and answered my many questions and found me a beautiful guitar. Very pleased with everything and so refreshing seeing new zealand being able to get these sorts of guitars within the country and not having to import