Amazing c1870 Martin 2-34 Parlour Guitar - The Rarest of Martin Guitars NZ ?

Amazing c1870 Martin 2-34 Parlour Guitar - The Rarest of Martin Guitars NZ ?

Is this the rarest of Martin Guitars Ever found in NZ ?

In mid September we received a phone call that we would never have expected to receive here in New Zealand. Margaret, an 85 year old living north of Auckland, had an 'Old Martin Guitar' she was looking to sell. She believed the guitar to date from the mid 1800s. We quickly asked some questions to ascertain what the guitar looked like, and realised this was the real deal. 

Margaret had purchased the guitar in the 1960s - from the music teacher at a school in Nelson where she was working. She liked the smaller body size, and its beautiful appointments, and she played and sang with the guitar for many years.

Unfortunately, Margaret's daughter, Jo, has a terminal cancer diagnosis, and is in need of an unfunded chemotherapy treatment so that she can spend more time with her two young boys. The treatment costs around $5,000 per month. Margaret had hoped the Martin Guitar was worth something, that could be used to raise some funds for treatment. Jo's personal fundraising page can be found at :

Jo bought the guitar into us, we took some photos and sent them off to several US experts and Martin Historians, who confirmed our initial thoughts that this is a Size 2 Martin, Style 34 from circa 1870. The style 34 appointments include Ivory binding, coloured Herringbone Purfling and Back Stripes, Abalone rosette inlay and Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. Typical 34 style guitars have an ivory bridge, however this example had been ordered with an Ebony bridge. The guitar has been appraised by world renowned experts, George Gruhn and Greg Hutton, with Gruhn Guitars putting a value on the instrument at US$15,000

Studio 1 are assisting with the sale of the guitar, with tenders invited before closing on the 3rd November 2022. For International purchasers, we will arrange for pre-convention CITES export certificates to be completed.