Come to Studio1 Vintage for Your Acoustic Guitar Needs

Come to Studio1 Vintage for Your Acoustic Guitar Needs

There is no better instrument to start your music journey with than an acoustic guitar. Anyone can easily hold an acoustic guitar and learn to play it. That is why acoustic guitars are extremely popular. 

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar, search no further. At Studio1 Vintage Guitars, we have premium, rare, and vintage acoustic guitars and accessories. You can count on us to get all your acoustic guitar needs covered. Here is why:

Finest Selection of Acoustic Guitars

We understand how the right acoustic guitar can inspire people to play better and get more creative. We offer a carefully selected collection of vintage and new acoustic guitars. 

We have an extensive range of iconic acoustic guitar brands, rare finds, and custom shop creations. Our collection of acoustic guitars suits players of all levels and budgets. That is why we are New Zealand's premier destination for musicians and guitar enthusiasts.

With us, you will get access to the best acoustic guitars on the market. We promise to bring these high-quality acoustic guitars back to life, even after 50 years in a swamp. Sometimes, the more beat up the guitar is, the better. 

Martin Marquis Dealer

It is our honour to represent the prestigious Martin guitar brand. As a Martin Marquis dealer, we proudly offer New Zealand's most extensive range of USA-made Martin acoustic guitars. This brand has a rich history of crafting world-class acoustic guitars since 1833. 

You will find their extensive line of acoustic guitars at our store, from iconic models to limited editions and custom shop creations. 

Passion for Music, Not Just Sales

Studio1 Vintage Guitars aims to provide the finest quality vintage, rare, and premium acoustic guitars in New Zealand. We are passionate about music. That is why our primary goal is not just increasing our sales. 

You will find an impressive range of renowned acoustic guitar brands at our store. We carefully handpicked every guitar to meet our high standards.

Shopping for an acoustic guitar can be an overwhelming experience. There are many options and features to choose from. 

We offer guidance and advice to make your experience with us as rewarding as possible. Our knowledgeable team can help you find the perfect acoustic guitar for your musical goals and preferences. 

It does not matter if you are a seasoned professional, a budding musician, or a passionate collector. You will find the acoustic guitar you are looking for at our store. 

Beneficial Guitar Trade-In Program

If you have an old acoustic guitar and wish to upgrade it, no problem. You can make use of our guitar trade-in program. It will allow you to upgrade your old acoustic guitar without paying the total price for the new one. 

Get all your acoustic guitar needs at Studio1 Vintage Guitars. Visit our store today!