About Studio 1 Vintage Guitars

Studio 1 came from a passion to provide premium, rare and vintage guitars to New Zealand and Australia.

We noticed these countries were sadly missing out on a lot of these fine instruments! We find guitars that we would like to play, purchase them in the best condition and at a fair price. Importantly, we buy guitars that we believe will hold or appreciate in value over time. We do this all with minimum markup.

Our Studio 1 showroom is located at Shop 15 Victoria Park Market 210-218 Victoria St, Auckland and is open 9:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am - 4pm Saturdays. Please don't hesitate to reach out or visit, no appointment necessary.

Thank you,
Garrick Wynne - Founder

Meet the Team

Garrick Wynne - Owner

Garrick grew Studio 1 Vintage Guitars from humble beginnings after getting a taste for vintage instrument dealing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Building it from an online store, to an appointment only space and onto NZ's top vintage destination showroom, Garrick still holds the same ideals as the first day. That music can inspire, uplift and connect people.

Favourite guitarists include: David Rawlings, Jimmy Page and Trey Hensley.

Sarah Thomas-Wynne - Owner

If you look at our online videos and think they look the business, it's because it's Sarah's business to make them look that good.

Sarah has a TV career spanning 20 years and as a floor manager for 7 Days, Dancing with the Stars and The Project, she comes with a wealth of experience in set design and project management.

Favourite guitarists include The Edge, Nile Rodgers, Jonny Greenwood and Kurt Vile.

Ed Castelow - Manager

Ed began playing guitar at 14 on a beaten up nylon string guitar he found in the music cupboard at School. From then on he was hooked and has been playing guitar in various bands throughout his adult life.

Before he was with Studio 1, you may have seen Ed over at Lewis Eady manning the guitar counter, he's worked in music retail for over 20 years.

Favourite guitarists include: Pete Townshend, Nick Drake, Hollie Fullbrooke and Dean DeLeo.

Josh Thomas - Photographer/Socials

Without our inhouse photographer where would we be? Josh brings our guitars to life through his lens and they wouldn't be showcased online in such detail without him.

With 13 years of photography under his belt and a creative mind at his disposal our online store and socials are always visually interesting and smooth to use.

Favourite bands include: Shapeshifter, Fat Freddys Drop, L.A.B, David Dallas, U2.

Nick Brightwell - Acoustic Guitar Specialist

An acoustic guitar specialist, music teacher and historian, Nick was the first international student of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee to graduate with a BFA in Fingerstyle guitar and Rock n' Roll studies.

In NZ he won the NZ Gold Guitar awards Instrumentalist category three years on the trot. And Recently, in his USA travels, Nick has played and experienced some of the finest guitars made in the last 180 years.

He is a lover of all guitar styles and his utmost favourite guitarist is Pace de Lucia.

Warrick Wood - Christchurch Studio

Warrick is a guitar enthusiast who loves Studio 1 (I mean, who doesn’t?).

He told Garrick that he was moving to Christchurch and was keen to provide the space for guitar demos and viewings down south.

If you are in Christchurch, you can now strum some of our best vintage picks before you buy. All you have to do is email Warrick on warrick@studio1.co.nz to arrange a suitable time.