Thomastik-Infeld John Pearse Folk Fingerpicking Acoustic Guitar Strings 16-43 #PJ116


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Now! The strings that established John's international reputation back in the 70's--the THOMASTIK- JOHN PEARSE® SET. A revolutionary departure from a "traditional" classical string construction, every string is wound, even the first! Made like a fine violin string, the trebles are a braided metal rope core wound on with a flat nylon monofilament, while the basses are a perlon floss core wound on with a silverplated bell bronze wire. For many years, the preferred strings of the top Brazilian guitarists, the THOMASTIK- JOHN PEARSE® set gives unbelievable clarity, projection and volume--almost like a steel string--with no more tension on the guitar than a traditionally made firm tension CLASSICAL set. TOTALLY UNIQUE!]


  • Product Type: Full Set
  • Wound 3rd: Yes
  • Full Set # of Strings: 6
  • Tension: Custom
  • Bass Set Material: Silver Plated
  • Treble Set Material: Flat Wound


Thomastik-Infeld Classical Guitar StringsThomastik-Infeld John Pearse Folk Fingerpicking Guitar Strings (16-43) Full Set
        ins mm lbs kp
PJ16 E 1st Nylon Flat Wound on Steel Core .016 0.40 14.0 6.4
PJ24 B 2nd Nylon Flat Wound on Rope Core .024 0.60 14.5 6.6
PJ25 G 3rd Nylon Flat Wound on Rope Core .025 0.62 14.0 6.4
PJ30 D 4th Round Wound on Nylon Core .030 0.75 14.7 6.7
PJ35 A 5th Round Wound on Nylon Core .035 0.90 14.2 6.5
PJ43 E 6th Round Wound on Nylon Core .043 1.10 13.5 6.1

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