2014 Martin 000-28k Authentic 1921


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Hey Guitar Enthusiasts! Let's dive into the world of a truly special guitar – the Martin 000-28K 1921 Authentic. It's not just any guitar; it's a piece of history with a story to tell and a voice that will leave you in awe.

A Little Backstory: This Martin has seen some adventures! It faced a bit of a challenge with high humidity, causing the binding to come loose. But, don't worry – our skilled team has lovingly brought it back to its former glory, ensuring every note you play is as perfect as it was meant to be.

The Restoration Journey: The binding has been reglued, with a small amount of shrinkage as expected. Some mould spotting on the inside of the guitar have been spot treated and we  gave the guitar a UV sterilization treatment, making sure it's as clean and healthy as it looks. For the past four months, this beauty has been relaxing in our climate-controlled environment, getting pampered and ready for its next chapter with you.

That Martin Sound: Now, let's talk about the sound – oh, the sound! It's like this guitar has bottled the essence of the roaring 20s and unleashed it through its strings. The tone is rich and warm, with a depth and a clarity that speaks of its quality. It's a Martin, after all!

Design: Based upon a pristine 1921 000-28K from the Martin Museum collection, this slotted head 12-fret is a completely faithful recreation of the original, featuring flamed Hawaiian koa top, back and sides, hide glue construction and a hand shaped neck without a truss rod.

TOP: Solid Highly Figured Koa
BACK AND SIDES: Solid Highly Figured Koa
BRACING SHAPE: Scalloped - Authentic Style
NUT WIDTH: 1 7/8"
NECK: Solid Genuine Mahogany
NECK SHAPE: Authentic 1921 Barrel & Heel – No Truss Rod
FINGERBOARD: Solid Black Ebony
BRIDGE: Solid Black Ebony
TUNERS: Golden Age Bright Nickel 2515 Side Mounts w/Ivoroid Knobs
CASE: Hardcase

Check out Nick Brightwell's demo below: 

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