Striking a New Chord: Studio Celebrates a Year of Melodies and Preps for a Big Leap

Striking a New Chord: Studio Celebrates a Year of Melodies and Preps for a Big Leap

In the time since we opened the doors of our studio, Studio1 Vintage has evolved from a quaint home for high-end boutique and vintage acoustic guitars to a thriving community space for music enthusiasts. Your passion for music and relentless support have struck a powerful chord, and it's time for us to strike a new one.

Over the past fifteen months, we've grown in more ways than one. From serving our clients by appointment in our intimate studio to becoming a Marquis deal for the world renowned Martin acoustic guitar range, each milestone marked a new high note in our melody.

Now we're excited to announce the dawn of a new era in the coming months. We're transitioning from an appointment-based studio to a full-fledged, centrally located retail store, open Weekdays and Saturdays. This move will give you the flexibility to drop in whenever inspiration strikes, no appointments necessary!

But it isn't just about a bigger location or extended hours. As part of our evolution, we're expanding our collection to include vintage and high-end electric guitars. This will complement our existing range and cater to a broader spectrum of guitar enthusiasts.

And there's more music to this melody. We're have our own Martin Custom Shop models entering production and an ongoing selection of locally made Benavides guitars. Each of these additions reflects our commitment to celebrate both our own take on incredible golden era guitars and homegrown craftsmanship.

To make our unique guitars accessible to more music lovers, we're also setting up our associate, Warrick Wood, in Christchurch for guitar viewings and demos. This means our friends in Christchurch can now enjoy a hands-on experience with our guitars, right in their city. More details on this to follow - but in the meantime, feel free to let us know if you would like to demo any of our guitars in the beautiful garden city.

Your love for music and our shared passion have been the rhythm to our journey at Studio 1. We're thrilled to embark on this new chapter and to continue serving you better. As we prepare to move, we're eager to welcome you to our new store and to share the excitement of our expanded range of guitars.

Stay tuned for more details on our grand opening – a celebration of our growth and a toast to the music yet to come. We promise it'll be a symphony of joy and excitement.

Until then, keep pickin & strumming, and remember, there's a vintage treasure or a high-end masterpiece waiting for you at Studio1 Vintage, ready to create beautiful music.

Yours in Music, The Studio 1 Vintage Guitars Team