We now have a Christchurch Studio!

We now have a Christchurch Studio!

There is something luxurious about being able to sit down and strum a selection of vintage guitars before you make the decision to buy one, and something truly terrifying about purchasing sight unseen. Previously at Studio 1 the former was only an option if you visited our Auckland showroom, until now....

A month or so ago, the phone rang at Studio 1. Quite often when we pick it up and answer, there's magic about to happen. And this time was no different. Warrick was on the line... who is Warrick you ask? Well only the coolest dude to ever leave Auckland! 

Warrick Wood is a guitar enthusiast the loves Studio 1 (I mean who doesn't?) and on this fateful phone call he informed Garrick that he was moving to Christchurch and was keen to provide a space in the South Island for folks to view and demo our guitars. Well you can be sure of one thing... we were not about to let the South Island of Aotearoa miss out on the opportunity to get their hands on the best tone in town. 

The end result? If you are in Christchurch you can now strum some of our best vintage and new guitars before you buy. All you have to do is email the top bloke that is Warrick Wood on warrick@studio1.co.nz to arrange a suitable time. 

View all of our current Christchurch stock here and if there is anything you would like to see added, let us know.