What’s the best way to store my acoustic guitar?

What’s the best way to store my acoustic guitar?

If you are the proud owner of a quality new or vintage instrument then you will want to put some thought into storing it safely. Chances are you also purchased a case with the guitar, but is it up to the task? Is it better to keep the guitar on a stand or use a guitar hanger mounted to the wall? In this blog we delve into a few storage options for your beloved guitar. 

Here in New Zealand our humidity levels are higher and our seasons can vary in temperature pretty dramatically. These factors can play havoc with the structure of beloved six string friends. Vintage guitars are especially susceptible to damage due to the brittle nature of older cuts of wood which have little moisture left in them. Your acoustic guitar is always expanding and contracting depending on the conditions, so keeping it at the right temperature and humidity is vital to its longevity. 

The creme de la creme of guitar storage has to be the climate controlled cabinet or “humidor”. These are most often beautifully hand crafted wooden cabinets with a furniture finish and strip lighting. Your guitars are displayed on hangers or are placed in stands so that they are not only stored at the right temperature and humidity level, but are also shown off in all their glory.  Artisan builders such as Acoustic Remedy in La Crosse, Wisconsin and Guitar Humidor in Lake Barrington, Illinois do impeccable work that will make your guitars the feature of any room. However, if you have a cabinet maker on hand and you wish to retrofit a humidifier then this is also an option with the help of outfits like Vigilant or Aristocrat

If a case is your taste then there are plenty of safe options available to suit your budget from SXB, Hiscox or Gator, but we here at Studio 1 believe that the safest option is made by Calton Cases. Calton makes a case that is not only the strongest on the market but one that is completely customised to your taste with a plethora of outer shell colour options ranging from bold solid colours to paint splatter and onto glitter finishes. This outer is constructed of reinforced multi-layer fibreglass and features parameter rubber bumpers, army grade latches and a tongue and groove rubber trim that ensures the elements stay at arm's length from your prized possession. The soft urethane interior padding is specifically cut to your guitar’s dimensions and the plush premium velvet lining makes for a soft and snug fit around the circumference of the body. The neck is fully supported then palmed at the second fret allowing the neck and tuners to be suspended within the case without touching the case when closed  There’s room for your basic accessories in the under neck compartment too, so even your capo has its own panic room. 

Other appropriate ways to store your guitars are wall mounted guitar hangers or floor stands. Wall mounting is great if you are low on floor space and have wall real estate to fill. Your guitars can be set to a height that is out of reach of ‘little hands’ and let’s face it, guitars are beautiful and can make even the blandest room look more interesting. There are a few purpose built hangers on the market and you can’t really go too wrong, it’s more about mounting it correctly, either into a wall stud or using a few heavy duty wall plug screws. I’m sure that everyone’s mileage will vary here…

And now we come to the humble floor stand. An age old technique to house your guitar and a great option if you are on a budget with the added bonus of putting it anywhere in the home. I have many-a-fond memory of sitting on the couch, watching TV and reaching for my 6-string when the ad-break comes on. We really rate the Cooperstands range for their great design and look, with options in ABS plastic, maple or mahogany. Not only do they hold your guitar upright but they also fold up and fit in most guitar cases. Bonus! 

With all this said and done, the absolute best place to have your guitar is sitting on your lap and in your hands. But when that’s just not an option, try one of the above.