1932 Gibson L-0


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This Gibson L-0 from 1932 is a true piece of musical history, boasting a sound as timeless as the craftsmanship that went into its creation. Its body, crafted entirely from mahogany, coupled with the 12-fret join to the body, gives it a characteristic tone that's nothing short of stunning.
Luthier Mark Stutman, a respected name in the world of vintage Gibson restorations hailing from Canada's Folkway Music, lent his expertise to the restoration of this guitar.
The guitar is distinguished by its lean construction, early rounded-style rectangle bridge, and dark tortoise celluloid pickguard. Mark Stutman states that the pairing of a 12-fret mahogany body with the pickguard is a hallmark of the 1932 production run, a time when Gibson aimed to strike a balance between strength for the growing popularity of steel strings and a lightweight build for epic tone.

Playing this guitar is an exercise in inspiration. The tone is the obvious highlight, but its neck shape and featherlight feel are equally enjoyable. The neck is super comfortable, with a 1-3/4" nut width and well-spaced strings.

The sound of this guitar is a delicate dance between subtle and commanding. It answers to the gentlest pluck yet possesses the capacity to command a room when strummed with conviction. The balance across the strings is superb, with a bass that's warm and crisp and trebles that subtly take centre stage. The aged mahogany top lends a dryness to the sound, adding a layer of depth to this dark-toned instrument. It's a unanimous crowd-pleaser, a distinction that it doesn't wear lightly.
This Gibson L-0 has journeyed through time with older brace repairs that were properly redone at Folkway. The pickguard has been replaced with one that's true to the vintage aesthetic, and the guitar wears a few repaired top cracks with pride just in front of the pickguard. There's also a healed crack on the bass side of the soundhole, just above the bridge. The bridge and bridge plate, finish, frets, and tuners are all original.

This guitar is a scarce treasure with a sound that's hard to match. It's fully functional and has a neck that's likely the most comfortable you'll ever come across from a vintage Gibson. This could be the guitar that brings your search for the perfect instrument to a satisfying end. Comes with the original chipboard case too. 

TOP: Solid Mahogany
BACK AND SIDES: Solid Mahogany
BRACING SHAPE: Non-scalloped
FINISH: Nitrocellulose 
NUT WIDTH: 1 3/4"
NECK: Mahogany
BRIDGE: Rosewood
CASE: Original Chipboard Case

Check out Nick Brightwell's demo here: 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David Inglefield
1943 Gibson Southern jumbo

Everyone at Studio 1 is so amazing, they are so understanding and helpful. They helped me find the perfect guitar for me. I wish more dealers in the US were as outstanding as this crew is. And it’s pretty obvious their website is one of the best in the business. Just because you are not in NZ, do not hesitate, they know what they are doing!

Dana, I’ve been waiting for this guitar for many years, Thank You!!!

Well Garrick you’ve delivered once again mate. This “0” size “Country Boy” by Dana Bourgeois is just incredible. Very elegant in design,nothing superfluous just master grade materials and a deep appreciation of all possibilities resulting in a strong, clean and uncluttered sound from a very user friendly instrument. Tight but loose at the same time, wonderful.
Thanks Garrick and Co.
Thanks Studio 1 Vintage Guitar’s.
Paul, Sydney.

Dave Ritchie Smith
Guild D50

Communication was great, delivery was super quick and packed so well. The guitar is everything I thought it would be. I have a 74 D50R which is quite a chunky neck, still lovely to play though, this one has a slimmer neck which suits my hands much better. Love the feel, sound and the look of this guitar. I would buy from these guys again if anything came up that tickled my fancy. I'm a very keen Guild collector, so I'm super happy I have this one now.

Martin 0042k rr

Wow probably the best guitar I have ever played. Garrick found this for me after some lengthy conversations and he delivered and some. This is second guitar from these guys and they rock for sure. Always so helpful and quick to answer any questions. Words can’t express how impressive these guys are. Lifetime customer.

Studio 1 Vintage are simply the best….!!!!!

Well you guy’s have done it again, the Pre War HD Brazilian is a dream come true for me.Living in Sydney and dealing with companies overseas can sometimes be difficult but not with you guy’s, not to forget the wonderful Betsie who is just a gem and so helpful.Garrick, Nick and Betsie combine to create a quick, reliable and friendly service. An absolute pleasure to deal with and what amazing instruments you have in stock, a real blessing for guitar enthusiast’s worldwide. I look forward to to my next purchase from you and yes I do have my eye on another guitar already.
Kindest regards,
Paul, Sydney Australia.

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